S.No. Title View
1. Textile & Leather Policy 2022 Hindi View
2. Textile & Leather Policy 2022 View
3. Textile & Leather Policy 2022 View
4. Bihar Oxygen Production Promotion Policy 2021 View
5. Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy 2016 View
6. ANNUAL REPORT-2022 View
7. Sugarcane ACt Policy View
8. Store Purchase Preference Policy View
9. Bihar Sugarcane (Regulation of Supply and Purchase) (Amendment) Bill, 2007 View
10. Industrial Policy 2011 Hindi Version View
11. Bihar State Infrastructure Development Enabling Act.2006 View
12. Bihar single window clearance act.2006 View
13. Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy, 2016 for promoting for industrial development View
14. Bihar Bio-fuels Production Promotion Policy 2023 View
15. Bihar Incentive Policy - 2011 View

Policy Support

The state has adopted best practices for creating a conducive environment to facilitate investments, offering lucrative incentives through the "Bihar Industrial Investment Promotion Policy -2016" which has been amended from time to time as per the needs of the industry. Apart from the BIIPP-2016, department of Industries also provides additional incentives through sectoral policies such as Bihar Textile and Leather Policy, 2022; the Bihar Agri Investment Promotion Policy, 2020; the Bihar Wood-Based Industries Investment Promotion Policy, 2020, Bihar Biofuels Promotion Policy, 2023 (amended from Bihar Ethanol Production Policy, 2021); the purchase procurement policy, etc.

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